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Messages for an Airport Terminal Information Service (ATIS) are compiled with the very minimum of effort and converted automatically to voice output as a continuous broadcast.

  • Complies with ICAO Annex 11, Chapter 4
  • Automated weather data import from METAR
  • Dial-in telephone access available
  • D-ATIS output via AFTN
Quality Text To Voice Conversion
Airport Terminal Information Service (ATIS)
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The ATIS module can either be run on a single PC or for larger airports a stand-alone ATIS with Master & slave PCs can be configured. This gives a totally separate fault tolerant computer platform, but will still have a link to the AIMs network to pick up the latest METAR and so create the ATIS automatically.


New messages can be prepared ready to transmit, and listened to, without affecting the current broadcast. Wherever possible message content is created automatically, for instance meteorological data can be sourced from an AWOS or AFTN, with manual updates to the other airfield information, using the previous message as the starting point to minimise the workload.

The system is fully compliant with ICAO recommendations with message content checking, and a transmission archive. It is normally operated in a semi-automatic mode (where the operator is alerted to the need for a new broadcast each time a new met report is received or a configured time interval has passed since the last update) although it can also operate in fully automatic mode without the need for operator intervention. There is also a pre-validation option (to suit some local safety regulations) requiring that each announcement be heard prior to transmission.

A telephone dial-in option allows local GA pilots to listen to the ATIS before setting off to the airfield.

D-ATIS is also available using a datalink service provider such as ARINC or SITA.

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