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Flight Information Displays (FIDS) can also be provided as an optional extension to the Flight Movements Database.

A simple FIDS selection dialogue added to the ATC Operational Flights Display allows the user to include (or exclude) the flight on FIDS and to modify the displayed flight information. The Flight Movements Database already contains accurate, up-to-date information on anticipated flight arrival and departure times; look up tables automatically convert the ICAO airport codes into airport names - in most cases all that needs adding is the IATA flight number. The user can also select on a flight by flight basis whether the estimated time information is automatically updated.

  • Automated real time update
  • ATC control
  • Manual update override
  • Selected flights only
  • User configurable displays
  • Automatic removal
  • VGA/XGA or video output
Flight Information Displays (FIDS)
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The system is particularly well suited to the needs of smaller airports with mixed commercial and GA airfield operations. Displays can be driven by air traffic control or operations staff with completely automatic information updates for arrivals and manual updates for departure delays if desired.

Each flight is automatically categorised as either arrival or departure and included on the appropriate set of pages with a choice of separate or combined arrivals and departures on each individual public screen. Displayed information includes: IATA flight number (and code share), airport name (converted from ICAO code), scheduled time and expected time (with UTC offset for local time calculation) and status (on-time, expected, landed/departed).

Flight records are sorted according to the same criteria as the ATC displays (i.e. expected movement time) and removed from the display at a user-configured interval after the flight has been shown as “Landed” or “Departed”, which occurs when ATC enter an actual movement time for the flight. Other features include automatic time offset calculations (local/zulu), dual language support, free comment areas and multiple page handling.

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