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Using the data from AFTN Flight Plans, or for local flights the manually entered information from a Flight briefing room, flight strips can be printed out in the tower or in radar approach.
  • A Strip Layout option is available that allows the user to configure different layouts of strips on the PC screen.
  • Different Layouts for each type of flight
  • Strips can be printed automatically before arrival or departure
  • Strips can also be printed on demand
  • Supports multiple printers in any location where there is an AIMS PC
  • Any changes received over AFTN it will be reflected on the strip.
Automatic Strip Printing
Automatic Strip Printing
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This option automates the production of flight progress strips, automatically selecting the strip format depending on the type of flight (Inbound/Arrival, Outbound/Departure, Local/Training or Transit/En-Route) and using the Flight Movements Database to fill in the known flight details allowing the strip to be used as quickly as possible after printing.


The system supports multiple printers (e.g. tower and approach) using the preferred thermal type printers that are virtually silent in operation and have no consumable ink ribbons or cartridges. Strips can be printed immediately on demand and at a given interval prior to the anticipated movement using customised strip layouts. Both this time interval and the strip design are configurable for the different movement types, which can also determine which printer(s) the strip is directed to. The configuration option includes defining the box sizes, any standard text in each box, and the variable data that is to be inserted in each box. Control over font size is also provided.
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